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Welcome to Smilezone


Dear Patients, 

Welcome to the Smilezone Dental Practice at Bahnhofstrasse 32 in Zug. 

We are happy that normal life is slowly returning following the difficulties we have all experienced with Covid 19. The restrictions on visiting the dentist have mainly been lifted, and, as usual, we are easy to reach in emergencies. 

You can find out more in a chat or phone call.


Two core practice principles 

We have established 2 principles that guide our practice from which all our patients can benefit.  
A pleasant treatment with long-term dental health goals, and the promotion of harmony between each patient and their practitioner. 

Proper function of the teeth is the basic requirement for long term dental health 

“Function is not everything. But without function, everything is nothing! ”said Prof. A.Gutowski (Dentist, Gnathology), and emphasized the importance of the function of the masticatory system. The function of this system involves not only talking, chewing but also posture and management of stress. A well-functioning masticatory system (according to Prof. R. Slavicek, interdisciplinary dentistry) can cope with stress and improve overall performance and well-being. Functional disorders can often be recognized by the fact that the teeth do not fit properly or that muscle tension and pain occur in the temporomandibular joint. 

For us, this is a fundamental philosophy of dentistry. From young to old and in all disciplines of dentistry we understand your smile is as important as your teeth.


Pain-Free Treatment 

With the introduction of innovative techniques such as Laser DentistryOsteocentric Anesthesia, and Digital Dentistry, dental treatment will be much easier for you. These techniques greatly reduce the pain experienced by traditional methods. 

Pain-Free Treatment 

Gentle Anesthesia

Osteocentral Anesthesia 

This tooth anesthesia technique limits the area and just takes place in the surrounding bone. Given the bone itself is not sensitive to pain. Apart from an initial prick, there is typically no pain experienced. 

Laser Treatment

The laser works without unpleasant contact on the tooth and works more gently than a conventional drill. 


Anxious Patient

We can help! 

Our team is well-prepared for anxious patients. If you want, we can help you get over your fear! 

Root Canal Treatment with Laser

Root Canal Treatment with Laser

Much gentler and more efficient 

A revolution in Endodontics has happened thanks to Laser Support. Now it is even easier to reduce germs. 

Healthy Beautiful Teeth 


Dental Hygiene 

Regular teeth cleaning ensures an optimal life for your teeth and protects you against potential high dental treatment costs. 

Your Teeth Preserved

Small Fillings 

With an annual dental check, you can maintain the health of your teethIf your checkup reveals a decay problem often a small affordable filling is all that’s needed. 

Renew your Teeth

Dentures & Implants 

Thanks to the latest technology together with a wealth of vast experience, we can replace damaged and lost teeth safely and sustainably over the long term. 

Functional Diagnostics in Dentistry 


Back pain of the teeth 

Cranio-mandibular dysfunction is a collective term for diseases and functional disorders in the temporomandibular joint area. 



Grinding Teeth 

The crunch has a function of coping with stress. However, one should control the grinding pattern to minimize damage. 

Functional Analysis

Master Key in Dentistry 

A complete functional diagnosis includes the recording of the jaw movements and analysis of the tooth and bone structures. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Inlays & Onlays

Ideal Chewing Surface 

Ceramic bowls optimize the colour, shape and position of the teeth, effective teeth whitening and straightening in one step. 

Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults

Aesthetic Dentistry 

In adults, too, the position of the teeth can be specifically optimized using braces or dental splints. 



Dental Treatment

Our service covers the entire range of modern dentistry. We understand your well-being is affected by your dental health. Our philosophy is to provide painless experience, quality treatments, transparent pricing, and above all a beautiful smile for our patients. 

We offer you high quality at affordable prices. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

For treatments with VeneersLumineers, Transparent Dental Braces (e.g. Invisalign), Teeth Whitening, or Tooth corrections, you can request a free photoshoot after the treatment in our in-house photo studio! 

With us, YOU are the focus of attention! 

Team & Practice

Reduce pain point: affordable payment plans Our experienced team offers you quality treatments and overall improvements in wellbeing. Additionally, our central location and opening times offer flexibility in making appointments. 

The well-being of our patients comes first. 

Online Appointments

Would you like an appointment? Book your appointment online. If no suitable date is available, we will be happy to find you an alternative free slot. We are also there for you in the case of an emergency.