Gum Care

Healthy gums help in preventing tooth decay and cavities




What to do with gum problems? 


Origin of the Gum Problems 

Together with tooth decay, the diseases of the periodontium (tooth support apparatus) make up the overwhelming majority of diseases in dentistry. Bacteria is the cause of both diseases.

Bacteria often form a fortress (biofilm) on the tooth over a longer period of time. The metabolic products that are generated by the Bacteria cover the surrounding periodontium causing bad breath, bleeding gums, pain, and bone loss.


1. Bleeding gums, a harbinger of Periodontal disease

If the biofilm (dental plaque, tartar, plaque) is not removed, the gingiva (gums) become inflamed. Bleeding, swelling, and pain are a result. 


2. Tooth Decay Caused by Gum Infection

Without proper care, plaque and tartar can expand. Now the bone also reacts with inflammation. There is a smooth transition from gingivitis to periodontitis. The bone recedes and so does the gums. The first spaces between the teeth become visible.


3. Chronic severe Periodontal disease

If the inflammation of the teeth holding apparatus (periodontitis) progresses, it causes loosening and possible tooth loss.

The key focus should be on reducing the amount of bacteria in the tooth area. This is achieved by removing plaque and tartar. This must be done regularly, every 6 months so that the situation does not degenerate with consequences such as Gum withdrawal.

  1. What does periodontal therapy do?

    1. The exact measurement of the tooth-supporting appendix must be made. The periodontal status ascertained in this way serves as the basis for periodontal therapy. It may be necessary to determine the germs using a DNA probe test.
    2. At least one thorough tooth cleaning should be carried out so that the gingivitis subsides. This is necessary for effective deep cleansing.
    3. The subgingival curettage (Hygienist scraping) involves the removal of the bacteria lying in the deep pockets between the gums and teeth. Subgingival tartar (concretions) and plaque are removed by mechanical cleaning. In the case of very stubborn bacteria, an adjuvant antibiotic must be used.

As long as the teeth do not stand well in the bone, all rehabilitation plans or attempts to preserve teeth are ineffective. 

Investments made in beautifying your smile, such as Veneers or Crowns, are wasted as the tooth can no longer be preserved.

Systemic diseases benefit indirectly from periodontitis therapy!

Systemic diseases related to periodontal disease.

It has been proven that systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes have a connection. But premature births have also been reported and are being investigated further.

It has been proven that systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes have a connection. But premature births have also been reported and are being investigated further.  

Tips for Home 

Do you have acute symptoms such as bleeding gums and/or pain in the gums and cannot go to the dentist? Then you can use the following means: 

  • Mundspülung (Chlorhexidin, Listerine) 
  • Irrigator 
  • Rinsing with chamomile tea, oil pulling (both without scientific evidence) 

Important!  These measures only provide temporary symptom relief. It's not therapy! 

If your teeth are important to you, schedule an exam now. Prevention is always better than neglecting! 

How much does Periodontal treatment cost? 

Depending on the severity and cooperation of the patient, intensive follow-up care, cleaning and control are required. 

It is not uncommon for teeth cleaning to be sufficient for the permanent stability of the teeth holding apparatus. 

Hanni Süess (Dental Hygienist)
Hanni Süess (Dental Hygienist)


Dental Hygiene Lite

89 CHF
  • 30-min appointment
  • Only one jaw or only half of the teeth

Dental Hygiene Basic

129 CHF
  • 45-min appointment
  • Cleaning only

Dental Hygiene Standard

169 CHF
  • 60-min appointment
  • Cleaning + Gingiva Package (examination, education, and medical rinsing in case of inflammation of the gums)

Dental Hygiene Plus

489 CHF
  • 240-min appointment (including a visit by ZA)
  • Cleaning + caries diagnosis (2x X-ray bitewing) + Gingiva Package + Fluoridation




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