Pediatric Dentistry

Children teeth soon big!
With love and enjoy children's teeth. We believe in the tooth fairy and find it quite exciting when very big teeth are coming!

Our Tooth Fairy - Dr. Christina Palimetaki, Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Christina Palimetaki, is extremely popular with our little patients. Parents and children love to come to her regularly. She has been dedicated to pediatric dentistry for 20 years. You feel immediately, that there is passion and joy!

The waiting area - "feel-good-area"

Here is an image from our "Children's Painting Exhibition". We think it is important that the children feel comfortable with us.

We take care of your children!

  • Fear of the dentist

  • with a great need for treatment

  • with already unsuccessful treatment attempts

  • with MIH teeth (chalky teeth)

  • with a need for quick action

  • preventive with child prophylaxis

Narkosebehandlung, Sedierung und Lachgas

Am meisten haben wir Erfolg mit dem aussergewöhnlich kinderfreundlichen Umgang unserer Kinderzahnärztin alleine. Manchmal ist es nicht mehr zu verhindern, dass dann doch eine Narkosebehandlung gemacht werden muss. Zu den Kosten erkundigen Sie sich am besten im Rahmen einer Untersuchung/Versuch einer konventionellen Behandlung.