Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges are used to close gaps. The costs start at 1850CHF for the smallest all-ceramic Dental Bridge, You are welcome to visit us for a Free Initial Consultation!



After the teeth have been ground and prepared and an interim trial of the dental bridge has taken place, the bridge is finally incorporated.


The shelf life is between 10 and 20 years.

Dental Bridges cost from 1690 CHF.


Treatment with a Dental Bridge

Treatment with a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can close a large tooth gap and restore the overall aesthetics and chewing function. As with the crowns, we use tooth-coloured ceramics.


In order to give you an estimation of the costs, we recommend a free initial online consultation. In our experience, there are often better and more cost-effective alternative solutions to Dental Bridges.

However as a guideline, in the best case, the costs amount to around 1690CHF. This assumes the best case in the invisible area, individual gaps, without fillings, without temporaries, veneered only on the outside with ceramic, a metal framework, gums are inflammation-free and a healthy tooth support apparatus.

For the standard variant, a top-up, with a temporary and all-ceramic, you can expect an affordable payment plan of 129CHF per month spread over 18 months.


Dental Bridge for a Single Tooth Gap
Dental Bridge for a Single Tooth Gap

Disadvantages of a Dental Bridge

  • Typically, they are only slightly cheaper than a dental implant
  • Loss of substance experienced from adjacent teeth
  • The bigger the gap, the more questionable the prognosis


With additional costs from around CHF 30 per month, we find patients often opt for an implant. With implants, the missing tooth is completely replaced with an artificial tooth. This restores both the tooth function and aesthetics.

This calculation is worthwhile.

 Get a free online consultation to provide you with a rough estimate.

Free Online Advice

So that you know what costs and effort you will face. And above all, to find the right solution for you, we are happy to offer free and non-binding online advice for  Dental Bridge or alternative renovations.

Our recent patients’ 5* reviews on Google and Facebook show nearly all are very satisfied. The team appreciates this feedback and the motivation it brings!

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Material Selection

In the past, gold was the standard material. With the development in dental materials science, non-precious metals are now used. Both also serve as the basic framework for the ceramic veneer.

All-ceramic bridges are offered in modern dentistry. New studies show that all-ceramic bridges also have similarly good success rates as metal bridges.


Advantage of a Dental Bridge

  • Quick completion of treatment
  • Less cost than an implant
  • Crowning of teeth in need of crowning
  • Small tooth gaps that are not suitable for implants
Consequences of an untreated tooth gap, surrounding teeth "migrate" into the tooth gap.
Consequences of an untreated tooth gap, surrounding teeth "migrate" into the tooth gap.


Dental Bridge to close a Tooth Gap

from 1690 CHF

Dental Bridge alternative: Dental Implant to close a Tooth Gap

Costs on Request




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