Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental Restorations

In the case of tooth restoration, professional and appropriate planning is vital for success. As a single source dentist, we ensure the patient's wishes are included.

As part of a free, non-binding consultation, you will receive information about options, costs, and their advantages and disadvantages. The more complex the renovation, the more important the planning and communication between dentist and patient becomes. We take the time to consider your concerns.

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Dental Implant

Dental Implants with Guarantee 

Some of our new patients undergo treatment abroad. This may become more expensive than local treatment. Book our free consultation and learn if a treatment abroad is worth it for your case!  +41 41 539 12 50 ...

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Dental Crown

Tooth crown rescue for the tooth. Smilezone WhatsApp request. Online Appointment. Single tooth crown rescue for the tooth Reinforcement for the ... 

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Dental Bridges 

Dental Bridge. Dental Bridge for a complete row of teeth. Smilezone WhatsApp Request. Online Appointment. Dental Bridge for a complete row of teeth. Free online advice and ... 

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Dental Posthesis

Dental Prosthesis-Inserting Dentures  Smilezone WhatsApp Request Online appointment 

Removable Dentures 

Third teeth with potential Removable Dentures. The simplest and most ...

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal How Much Does It Cost? What do our patients say? Learn about wisdom teeth including why most treatments involve wisdom tooth removal. WhatsApp Request Online appointment 

Easy removal from 150CHF ...

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Dental Treatment

Our service covers the entire range of modern dentistry. We understand your well-being is affected by your dental health. Our philosophy is to provide painless experience, quality treatments, transparent pricing, and above all a beautiful smile for our patients. 

We offer you high quality at affordable prices. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

For treatments with VeneersLumineers, Transparent Dental Braces (e.g. Invisalign), Teeth Whitening, or Tooth corrections, you can request a free photoshoot after the treatment in our in-house photo studio! 

With us, YOU are the focus of attention! 

Team & Practice

Reduce pain point: affordable payment plans Our experienced team offers you quality treatments and overall improvements in wellbeing. Additionally, our central location and opening times offer flexibility in making appointments. 

The well-being of our patients comes first. 

Online Appointments

Would you like an appointment? Book your appointment online. If no suitable date is available, we will be happy to find you an alternative free slot. We are also there for you in the case of an emergency.