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Teeth Whitening

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Power Bleaching - 399CHF
Boost Bleaching - 399CHF

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Installment 3x 133CHF 



For Home Bleaching, either customized bleaching trays or prefabricated trays are used. 

During the treatment process, you can control how bright the teeth can be. 

Please note that since Home Bleaching agents has a lower concentration than in-practice bleaching agents, it takes longer to achieve the desired whitening level. 

Power Bleaching is very easy and efficient. The main advantage of Power Bleaching is speed and whitening level. Typically, your teeth will be whitened in one session. Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you on the exact steps. 

In-practice bleaching requires trained medical professionals. These professionals are those only allowed to use the high-percentage bleach. 

Generally, most desired tooth colours can be achieved within 2 hours. Note that you should avoid very colour-intensive foods such as curry or turmeric for a certain period of time. 

Power Bleaching with Philips Zoom has an even more efficient method to whiten teeth thanks to a supporting LED lamp. 

Clinical Case: power bleaching, without pain, one session, 4 passes, max. 120 minutes. 100% satisfaction 

Please note that whitening can only be done on clean tooth surfaces. It should be clarified in advance whether plaque, fillings, and tooth restorations are present. 

For some patient cases, it is possible that a simple thorough teetcleaning treatment will alone improve the appearance whitening level. 


In general, teeth whitening is not harmful. However, you should note that incorrect use can result in greater sensitivity and/or damage. 

We only recommend Power Bleaching in-practice and with our specialist whitening staff. 

The number of times that customers repeatedly bleach their teeth varies greatly. It strongly depends on the wishes of the customer, what their eating and drinking habits are, and their approach to oral hygiene. 


Power Bleaching is usually pain-free. Some Patients have reported increased teeth sensitivity, and in a few cases, this sensitivity can be somewhat painful. But what they all have in common is that this pain recedes and is gone after a few hours.  

A "white diet" will help you maintain the lightened color. We recommend avoiding drinks or foods with an intense color (coffee, turmeric, red wine, beetroot...) for 2 days. 



Beautiful bright white teeth in Zug near Zug train station 




What should I do? 

  1. Start a chat request: We will be happy to advise you on the various bleaching options 
  2. Appointment for bleaching: Done! Professional lightening by specialist staff 

Tooth Whitening Costs 

Boost Whitening

only 299 CHF CHF
  • Up to 2 hours. Whitening by specialist staff.
  • Now permanently cheaper! Start a chat request now.

Teeth Whitening at Home

from 150 CHF
  • Bleaching-to-go to take with you and get started right away
  • For beginners to try out/for those who are cost-conscious and less demanding

Power Bleaching

only 399 CHF CHF
  • Up to 2 hours. Best result, best experience, best satisfaction.
  • Please start a chat request




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